Pricing Your Home To Sell

The first step in the process is to select an agent who will prepare a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) of your home comparing it to others in your area. While creating the CMA, a good agent will assess what properties in the area have recently sold for, while also check listings that expired (properties which failed to sell at their asking price). Your agent will also assess your property’s size, location, and amenities. All these factors will be considered when you reach the second step in this process, which is to set an asking price based on the CMA. There may be several reasons why you feel your home is worth more than the asking price that your listing agent suggests. For example, you may have paid more than your home is currently worth due to market fluctuations. Your home might also be appraised at a higher value than asking price suggested by the CMA; this is usually dependent on why your house was appraised, whether it be for re-financing, insurance, tax assessment, or an application for a new mortgage. The most important appraisal of your home is the one conducted by the buyer’s lender. If your sale price is higher than the value at which the buyer’s appraiser valued the property, the lender will only approve the amount at which the buyer’s appraiser has valued the property. This may leave a shortfall that the buyer is unwilling to cover. Finally, you may also feel that you need to get your costs out of the