Homes for Sale in Sunset Valley


Sunset Valley is an affluent community, home to a number of successful Texan families. The neighborhoods are vibrant and the people are friendly, creating a wonderful environment to live and grow. Sunset Valley homes are in close proximity to a number of phenomenal resources, including recreational parks, great schools and dozens of local shops and services.

Sunset Valley homes frequently benefit from low or no property taxes, making them a great investment. Though currently small, the community is rapidly growing and is becoming one of the most popular neighborhoods for families and individuals to move to.

Discover Dream Houses in Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley homes tend to be valued above average, with many falling in the luxury division. Sunset Valley houses are often spacious, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and boast fabulous features and amenities.

As a family-based community, Sunset Valley benefits from a number of parks and recreational facilities. The Barton Creek Greenbelt is the most popular park in the area, allowing residents to bike, hike, run, swim and rock climb along the many trails and pathways.

The majority of students in Sunset Valley will attend Sunset Valley Elementary School, Covington Middle School and Crockett High School. These schools fall under the jurisdiction of the Austin Independent School District and are considered quality public schools. An additional Montessori school is also available, as well as private schools in the surrounding region.

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