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Liberty Hill

Perfect for people looking to live a simpler lifestyle, Liberty Hill is a small Texas town with a population of approximately 1,500 people. The majority of the land in Liberty Hill is dedicated to agriculture and farms, offering homes on sprawling estates with open skies.

Liberty Hill continues to grow with ongoing residential and commercial developments in the area. Though the community is still small, it’s expected to become increasingly popular over the next couple of decades. Liberty Hill is devoted to progressive growth and sustainable development.

Liberty Hill has its own schools, Liberty Hill Elementary, Junior High and Intermediate Schools. The brand new Liberty Hill High School opens August 2013, allowing students to learn within close proximity to their Liberty Hill homes.

Points of Interest By Liberty Hills Homes:

Liberty Hill International Sculpture Park: 28 sculptures are located at Liberty Hill Junior High School, created by artists from around the world in 1976. These pieces were lovingly crafted within Liberty Hill itself.

Balcones Canyonland National Wildlife Refuge: A short drive from Liberty Hill, Balcones is a great place for hiking, wildlife viewing and hunting. Try to spot a black-capped vireo or a golden-cheeked warbler, the two endangered song birds that call Balcones “home.”

Lake Georgetown: Another nearby day-trip, Lake Georgetown is a fresh water reservoir that’s popular for fishing, swimming, water sports and camping. The lake, located in nearby Georgetown, can be accessed by a number of parks, including Cedar Breaks Park and Jim Hogg Park.

City Park: City Park is a beautiful park featuring a football field and soccer field. These fields are used by a variety of groups and are great for athletes of all ages.

Foundation Park: Located next to the Liberty Hill Fire Department, this is one of the best family parks in the area. Featuring a playground, picnic amenities, walking trails and baseball fields, this park serves as a congregation point for a range of activities.

Church Tour: With over 5 different churches in Liberty Hill, residents and visitors have a lot of options. Visit the local places of worship and meet some new friends.

Liberty Hill Library: Join us for storytime or get lost in your favorite adventures at the Liberty Hill Library, open to the public 6 days a week.

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