Homes for Sale in Hutto

Austin’s fastest growing suburb, Hutto is consistently evolving into an attractive and affordable city. Despite the rapid growth, Hutto homes still belong to a tight-knit community that values involvement and togetherness.

Hutto benefits from a low crime rate and one of the lowest costs of living in the nation. An array of public services and programs are also available to Hutto residents, including parks and recreation, a public library, sports fields and social services.

Hutto Real Estate Information

Hutto houses vary in price and style but tend to be some of the most affordable housing options in the Austin area. Single-family homes are available at great prices, while inexpensive lots allow people to build dream homes. Hutto also has a good selection of farms, acreages, apartments, duplexes, commercial land and multimillion dollar homes available. With such a diverse real estate market, any housing need can be met in Hutto.

As part of Hutto’s real estate evolution, a major YMCA Recreation Center is currently being built, and a number of transportation and park improvements are underway. During this exciting time in Hutto’s development, home owners are encouraged to participate in development projects, panels and elections, to help form a city that focuses on what’s important to the residents.

Business interests are also growing in Hutto, as the towns educated and energetic workforce attract business leaders from around the world. Some of the largest employers with global or divisional headquarters near Hutto are Dell, Seton Healthcare Network, AT&T, Freescale Semiconductor and National Instruments.

Life With A Hutto HomeHutto

If you want to know your neighbor, recognize your grocery cashier and find a place where you belong, life in Hutto will suit you well. Residents of Hutto have built a strong, self-sustaining community that is a convenient 25-minute commute to Austin.

With a full selection of shops, services, restaurants and boutiques, Hutto home owners spend their days indulging in the best of life. Local sports teams are fun to watch or participate in, and an ongoing array of community activities keep residents engaged.

Hutto is home to several great annual events including the Hutto Crawfish Festival, Olde Tyme Days Festival, Annual Hutto Festival, Winter Nights @ Fritz Park and National Night Out. Hutto’s mascot is a well-loved hippopotamus.

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