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Real Estate was more than I could ever imagine. I initially got into Real Estate with the desire to serve, but I saw that there was more pieces in what I saw to be a simple puzzle. I immediately jumped in eager to conquer, my desire to strengthen my weaknesses and also broaden my strengths consumed me so much I dreamed of serving almost daily if not every day, every other day. I enjoy intertwining into the minds of my clients, while exploring my client’s needs as well as the needs of their love ones, and working with them daily to find the house of their dreams. I found I was more than a Realtor, but I had become a Real Estate Adviser. I look forward to being of assistance to you and your family, and as the saying goes: 
“If You Want To Know, You Better Ask Ti.”
Ashti Shana


Chris Luton – Austin, Texas

Ti goes above and beyond to help you get what you want. He has a very professional positive vibe and a can do attitude that takes the home search to the next level!

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